Dominik Grafenhofer, Christian Kiedaisch. Taste for exclusivity and intellectual property rights

This article analyzes the e ects of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection on innovation in a quality-ladder model in which part of the consumers (the high types) value being the exclusive consumers of the newest generation of the good. If imitation of the newest good is prevented by IPRs, it is exclusively sold to the high types while everyone can a ord to consume it when IPRs have expired. In the case of a monopoly innovator, we show that reducing the strength of IP protection can incre...

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Amalia R. Miller. Carmit Segal. Does Temporary Affirmative Action Produce Persistent Effects? A Study Of Black And Female Employment In Law Enforcement.

This paper exploits variation in the timing and outcomes of employment discrimination lawsuits against US law enforcement agencies to estimate the cumulative and persistent employment effects of temporary externally-imposed affirmative action (AA). We find AA increased black employment at all ranks by between 4.5 and 6.2 percentage points, relative to national trends. We also find no erosion of these employment gains in the fifteen years following AA termination, although black employment growth...

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