Jacques Poot, Matthew Roskruge. Internationalisation of Education and Returns in the Labour Market

The education services provided in any given country increasingly contribute to human capital that is employed in another country. On the one hand, graduates may seek to obtain the highest return to the knowledge they gained in their home country by working abroad. On the other hand, some students purchase educational services abroad and will subsequently work abroad, or return home to utilize the internationally acquired knowledge in the domestic labour market. In this paper we use data from ...

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Junghee Han, Almas Heshmati. Determinants of Financial Rewards from Industry-University Collaboration in South Korea

Promoting the industry-university collaboration is a major policy priority in Korea. The motive behind such policy initiative is to make the nation’s system of innovation as well as the financial reward condition for the universities more dynamic. Though industry-university collaboration has various facets, the financial rewards are crucial considering the entrepreneurial university is pursuing profitability by using product of knowledge, technology innovation, and collaboration with industry ...

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Neva Goodwin. A New Direction for Economics Education.

How many people here have ever taken an economics course? More than one economics courses? How many have majored in economics? Those of you who took only one course probably got the best the profession has to offer. There are some true and valuable things to be learned in standard economics—like some of the basic concepts of supply and demand intersecting to create wages and prices—but you may have since discovered that a lot of other things also affect prices, such as advertising, or cons...

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Christoph Winter. Accounting for the Changing Role of Family Income in Determining College Entry.

This paper analyzes the determinants of college enrolment and their changes over time. I propose a quantitative life cycle model with college enrolment. Altruistic parents provide nancial support to their o spring. Using counterfactual experiments, I nd that 24 percent of all households are nancially constrained in their college decision. Constraints became more severe over time. I show that my model is consistent with a narrow college enrolment gap between students from rich and poor fami...

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Carmit Segal. Misbehavior, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes.

Using data on young men from the National Education Longitudinal Survey, this paper investigates the relationship between childhood misbehavior and later education and labor market outcomes. The main finding is that eighth-grade misbehavior is important for earnings over and above eighth-grade test scores. Moreover, controlling for educational attainment, childhood misbehavior is associated with earnings at all educational levels, whereas achievement test scores are related to earnings only for...

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